What is the fastest electric bike in the world?

The LS-218 from Lightning Motorcycles is the fastest electric bike in the world.

Lightning LS-218
218mph, the fastest production bike in the world

It has a top speed of 218 mph or 350km/h. This makes it the fastest production bike in the world.
The fastest speed in a three-wheeled electric motorcycle is 240.72 mph or 387.32 km/h.

These bikes are a world away from the type of electric bike that most of us think of. Lightning Motorcycles’ LS-218 looks and rides like a conventional motorcycle and with a range of 100 miles or 160km is very much designed for road touring. Amazingly it can also recharge in just 30 mins.

The Stealth B-52 looks a lot more like a regular pedal bike and has a top speed of 50 mph or 80km/h. It also has an impressive range of 100km or 60 miles in low powered mode.

A 80km/h or 50mph production bike

Both the Lightning LS-218 and the Stealth B-52 are production bikes available to anyone with the cash.

Hobbyists have also built some remarkably fast bikes, and there are some extraordinary videos on YouTube. Unfortunately, it is not possible to confirm the speeds claimed in these videos, but there are clearly some very fast bikes. And some crazy riders!

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