Is it easy to fit an electric bike conversion kit to my bike?

Yes. You can fit an electric bike conversion kit to most bikes. The simplest conversion kits can be fitted in under an hour.

Copenhagen Wheel
Fully self contained powered hub.

Adding a motor to an existing bike can be the cheapest way to enter the world of electric cycling. There are a huge range of conversion kits available.
Installing a hub motor conversion kit can be as simple as swapping your current wheel for a wheel with a built-in motor and firing up an app on your phone.

What types of electric bike conversion kit are available?

Several different types of conversion kits exist:

  • Powered wheel hub for the front wheel.
  • Powered wheel hub for the rear wheel.
  • Rear wheel friction drive.
  • Mid-drive motors.
  • Internal (concealed) motors.
  • Rear Wheel direct geared drive
  • Two wheel drive.

For more information on these different types of conversion kits see the related question.

Which type of electric bike conversion kit is easiest to fit?

Adding a wheel hub motor to your existing bike is the simplest option. You can install some models with minimal mechanical skills or specialist tools in as little as 15 minutes.

The cheapest and simplest electric bike conversion kits may not comply with road rules regarding top speed, braking, and pedal assistance. To comply with these rules your kit will need to include sensors to measure how hard you are pedaling, your speed and your braking.

Installing an electric bike conversion kit

The installation process will vary depending on the type of conversion kit you purchase. The steps below relate to smart rear wheel kits. These are the simplest to install:

  • Order a powered hub rear wheel that will fit your bike (and is configured for where you live).
  • Remove your existing rear wheel.
  • Install your new rear wheel. The wheel will be a little more difficult to fit than a standard front wheel as a ‘torque arm’ is required to spread the force exerted by the motor through your front forks.
  • Recharge your wheel.
  • Download the smartphone application which works with your wheel.
  • Pair your phone to your wheel.
  • Configure your wheel on your phone.
  • Mount your smartphone on your bike so you can see it as your ride.
  • Go for your first ride!.

That’s it. You are off an running. Well, that’s the theory! In practice, some conversion kits are considerably more complex to install than this. For more discussion see the related question.

Selecting the right conversion kit for your bike is not a trivial matter. It’s critical to check that the kit will fit on your frame. You also need to ensure that the conversion kit complies with local regulations for electric bikes.

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