What is the best way to charge an electric bike?

To charge an electric bike simply plug it into a standard power outlet for 3-6 hours.

Most electric bikes come with a power charger similar in size to a large laptop charger. To charge, simply plug the charger into the battery pack, then plug into the power outlet and turn on the power.

To fully charge an electric bike typically takes 3-6 hours. The actual time will depend on battery type and capacity.

Best practice: How to charge an electric bike

  • Avoid extreme temperatures when charging.
  • Do not leave your battery charging for more than 12 hours. Once it has charged unplug the charger.
  • Where possible, charge slowly.
  • Avoid running your battery down to less than 20%.
  • For longer-term storage charge your battery to 40-60%.
  • Use a charger designed to work with your bike battery.
  • Charging your battery to 80% will extend battery life. Only charge to 100% when you need the full battery range.
Li-Ion batteries are dangerous and can have the potential to catch fire or explode. It is best to charge an electric bike battery away from flammable materials. Batteries can be placed in special fire retardent bags during recharging and transportation.

Notes on Charging

On many electric bikes you have the choice of either leaving the battery pack on the bike or removing it during charging.

The safety circuitry of most chargers (and battery management systems) ensures that the battery cannot be overcharged. However, it is always best to disconnect your battery from the charger once it is charged. Ensure the battery is diconnected within 12 hours.

Charging when the ambient temperature is below 0C or above 40C can lead to insufficient charging and be harmful to your battery.

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