What are key tips for electric bike battery care?

Careful bike battery care depends on ensuring you have the right conditions for use, storage and charging.

Lithium-Ion (Li-Ion) batteries are the best performing batteries for electric bicycles but they are expensive and it is worth taking a little time to understand how best to look after them.
For example, you can significantly extend the life of your battery by charging at a lower rate to keep your battery cool. Or, by making a habit of only charging to 80% (unless you need the full battery capacity).

By following these simple bike battery care tips you can give your battery a long and healthy life.

Bicycle battery care tips:


  • Avoid prolonged storage in a fully charged or fully discharged state (50% charged is ideal)
  • Store at normal room temperature – avoid storage at over 20°C or below 5°C (41 °F and 68 °F).


  • Where possible avoid discharging your battery to below 20%.
  • Avoid leaving the bike in direct sunlight on hot days – heat is a battery’s worst enemy. Temperatures over 30°C (68 °F) are harmful to Li-Ion batteries.
  • Over-discharge can occur when you push your bicycle batteries to their limit. Full discharges put a lot of strain on the battery.
  • Constantly making the motor and battery work hard (e.g. cycling up steep hills with full assistance) will reduce battery life.


  • The practice of charging to only 80% of capacity can almost double the life of a Li-Ion battery.
  • Use a good quality charger designed specifically for your type of Lithium-Ion battery.
  • Use the slowest (lowest power) charging option your charger supports unless you are desperate to get back out on the road.
Lithium Ion batteries do not have a “memory” and shallow discharges extend battery life.


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