What is the advantage of an electric bike over mopeds, motorcycles, and cars?

Electic bikes can be parked anywhere and are able to zip through traffic. As a cyclists you benefit from extended moderate exercise.

UPS High Capacity eBike
Some eBikes are designed to take heavier loads
Electric bikes are perfect for busy commutes through crowded cities. They combine the benefits of a traditional bicycle with the added advantage that you can control how hard you need to pedal.
In addition, they are more environmentally friendly than mopeds, motorcycles, and cars. As an added benefit, in most parts of the world no licence, registration or insurance is required.

On the other hand, mopeds, motorcycles, and cars can go faster and further. They are also, normally, able to carry significantly more baggage.

Advantage of an electric bike over mopeds, motorcycles, and cars.

  1. Easy Parking.

    Easy to park on the side of the street. Simple to store in your home.

  2. Zip through traffic.

    Good acceleration and great maneuverability result in faster progress through congested city streets.

  3. No Paperwork.

    In most countries, there is no requirement for licence, registration, insurance etc as long as bicycles comply with Pedelec regulations.

  4. Environmentally Friendly.

    Energy efficient, zero emissions, quiet motors and recyclable batteries make eBikes more environmentally friendly than other forms of motorised transport.

  5. Cheap to Power.

    Small and efficient electrical motors result in much lower fuel costs. [5–10p(UK) / 7–13c(US) per charge].

  6. Low Maintenance Costs.

    Electric motors have far fewer moving parts than combustion engines. Batteries have no serviceable parts.

  7. Exercise as you Travel.

    Electric bikes provide moderate exercise as you travel.

  8. Transportable.

    You can wheel your eBike onto trains and busses (or put it on a car rack). Take the train to the city terminus and then hop on your eBike to go the last few miles.

  9. Recharge anywhere.

    You can recharge your electric bikes from any power outlet anywhere in the world. In as little as 30 mins.

  10. Access Cycle Tracks

    Many parts of the world have amazing bicycle infrastructure and you can take your eBike on most cycle trails. There are few things more pleasant than cycling along canals, rivers and disused railway lines.

Disadvantages of an electric bike over mopeds, motorcycles, and cars.

  1. Fewer Creature Comforts.

    Electric bikes don’t have the creature comforts of cars and cyclists are exposed to the elements. For example, you will need to get used to no music system, heating, air-con or hands-free phone calls.

  2. Shorter-Range.

    The range of a typical electric bike is 20-30 miles or 30-50 km. Once a battery is flat it can take 3-5hrs to fully recharge.

  3. Lower Speed.

    Most electric bikes are restricted to traveling at lower speeds than other motorised transport. Whilst some eBikes can travel extremely fast these fast eBikes are not ‘street-legal’ in most jurisdictions.

  4. Less Protection.

    Cyclists don’t have the protection of airbags or crumple zones. In addition, it is not practical to wear leathers or motorcycle style helmets. All this means cyclists are more vulnerable in the event of an accident.

  5. Limited Passenger Transport.

    Some eBikes are set up to carry kids or even a couple of adult passengers. However, they are rarely as useful as a car or motorbike for carrying your family, friends or customers.

  6. Less Visible on the Roads.

    Cyclists are simply less visible to other road users. In addition, eBikes are quiet and often use different parts of the road to other vehicles.

  7. Poorer Load Carrying Capacity.

    Even the best setup electric bike has a smaller load carrying capacity than a car. Many motorbikes and moped have some secure storage compartments. This is unusual on an eBike.

  8. Arrive Sweaty, Wet or Dirty.

    Whilst eBikes can take a lot of the sweat out of cycling you are not going to arrive at your meeting as fresh as you might after an air-conditioned car journey.

  9. Greater Risk of Theft.

    Even with a good bike lock, a bike is less secure than a car, motorbike or moped. Even if you secure your frame a thief can still target wheels, saddles, lights or your eBike battery.

  10. Can’t access Motorways and Major Roads.

    In many parts of the world you can’t take your eBike on motorways, freeways or major trunk routes. Even when they are open to cyclists they are a miserable and dangerous way to travel. By contrast, these are the safest and most efficient way to travel in a modern car.

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