Are electric bikes good for exercise, health and fitness?

Yes. Electric bikes can help build fitness and improve overall health. They provide an effective workout and help improve cardiovascular health.

Bicycle use is healthy, efficient and environmentally friendly. EBikes promote a healthy and active lifestyle whilst making it easier to get out and take regular exercise.
Most modern electric bikes require the rider to pedal at all times. This elevates the heart rate consistently and requires at least a moderate level of physical activity.
What is more, research has shown that electric bike owners are more likely to choose to cycle rather than drive, even when their energy is flagging, because the potential for exhaustion is less.

Health and Fitness Benefits

Health authorities recommend adults should do at least 150 minutes of moderate exercise each week. Luckily, riding an electric bike is classed as ‘moderate’ exercise. For many of us, a daily commute will allow us to hit our 150-minute target. Electric bikes have a higher average road speed and that means more air flow and less effort. The end result is you can easily wear the same set of clothes you wear to work without arriving sweaty.

Those of us who spend a bit too much time in front of a computer (or on the couch!) will get the greatest health and fitness benefits. However, there are universal benefits as eBikes allow all of us to incorporate more physical activity into our lives.

A 2016 University of Colorado Boulder study asked car commuters to use an electric bike for their commute to work and found improvements in the riders’ cardiovascular health, including increased aerobic capacity and improved blood sugar control.

Another University of Brighton study found that 73% of people said they would cycle to work at least once a week if they had an eBike (compared with 29% for regular bicycles). 59% of the people in the same study reported an increased level of physical activity. Participants also reported a 20% decrease in miles driven.

With an electric bike, a cyclist is able to control how much assistance they receive. For this reason, eBikes have proven to be helpful to people with chronic injuries and illnesses and for people recovering from surgery or illness.

There are concerns that electric bikes may encourage people to abandon conventional cycling.
For most people, using an electric bike to cover the same distance will deliver reduced health and fitness benefits. This is because the total effort required is less and there is less high-intensity exercise.

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