BMW announces concept plan for elevated electric bike way.

New plans have been revealed for elevated electric bike paths dubbed BMW Vision E³ Way.
BMW-E3 Way Concept
BMW-E3 Way Concept
The name E3 comes from Elevated, Electric, and Efficient.  BMW refers to the system as ‘E Cubed’ or more fully, and clumsily as ‘BMW Vision E³ Way’.
BMW’s plan is that E3 cycle routes will only be accessible to people riding electric bikes, scooters or mopeds.

The system designed to connect major centers in the world’s mega-cities. It’s no coincidence that the concept originates from Shanghai.

How it works

The design should be relatively cheap to build. The track is suspended above existing roadways and uses a simple modular construction.

BMW says the project can be self-funded through automated tolling and rental of electric bikes.  Stations along the route will allow riders to rent one of BMW’s latest electrical two-wheelers (for a fee).

The proposal includes automatic speed and traffic management technology to keep bikes traveling below 25 km/h or 15.5 mph.

The design also includes a cooling system to keep cyclists cool in warmer climates.

Don’t hold your breath though. This is still very much in the concept stage. There have been exciting plans for elevated cycle plans before. None have seen the light of day so far.

BMW-E3 Way
BMW-E3 Way Concept

Fingers crossed – we love the concept.

It’s no coincidence that this announcement from BMW comes close on the heels of it announcing the launch of the new motor scooter BMW Motorad X2CITY.